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All About Masterbation Tips


The next time you masterbate, try one or two new things from the following masterbation tips list below.

I suggest you try something easy the first time so it is not too challenging.

If you usually masterbate in 5 minutes, the first thing to try is to extend this to 20 minutes or longer. See how this changes the intensity of your orgasms

This is great training for lovemaking with a woman, as most men come too soon.

If you usually masterbate using porn, try not doing this for a change and really focus on your body and its sensations.

By trying some of the following, you will find you have much more pleasure and stronger orgasms too.

  • Shake up your routine with some thing different.
  • Now enjoy self pleasuring  for at least 30 minutes!
  • Light some candles and have some great music.
  • Relax all areas of your body.
  • Make erotic sounds of pleasure when masterbating
  • Touch other parts of your body when masterbating.
  • Put your attention on your genitals instead of a fantasy or the usual porn. Tune into your body and feel the pleasure.
  • Try many ways of touching yourself instead of a routine. You got 2 hands, hey.
  • Move  your hips and see if this changes things.
  • Try different positions, how about standing or dancing when self pleasuring.
  • Breathe more and deeper, into your belly. Powerful!
  • Try clench the muscles of the pelvic floor area (PC muscles plus anal sphincters) as you masturbate.
  • Try including your anus and prostate in your self pleasuring.
  • Masterbate and send loving thoughts to yourself.
  • Ask your lover to masterbate you.?
  • Masterbate in front of a mirror. (challenging)
  • Masterbate in front of a video camera. See where you tense up in your body and relax that area next time.
  • Masterbate and at the point of orgasm have a desire or a symbol of a desire to manifest. (sexual magic)

Three Keys To Full Body Orgasms

The more you breathe and the more you relax your body, the more the energy can move away from your genitals giving rise to whole body orgasms.

The more you can relax when turned on, the more likely a man can experience full body orgasms without ejaculation.

The more sounds you make the more the energy can move out of the genitals and lead to a whole body experience.

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And you learn these methods by masterbating! FUN!


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