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Male and female Masterbaton  Video

Most of us love watching videos of a female masterbating  and most women love watching videos of a male masterbating too.

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One can learn new ways of masterbating from a masterbation video. And it can be a real turn on too and a great way to self pleasure too.

Personally, I love to see a woman orgasm and feel her energy in my body as she goes into orgasm.

Another thing to try is to use masterbation videos in your lovemaking with your lover. It can be very sexy and intimate to masterbate with your lover.

One can watch the video and then try out some of the masterbation techniques in front of your lover.

This can be a real challenge for some. I have talked to some couples and they have never tried this and they get rather challenged at the thought of doing this too.

Watching a woman masterbate is great so you can learn how she loves touching her clitoris. Every woman is different.

However, one can really grow as a sexual being if you move past these blocks in your sexuality. If one grows sexually, it influences spread into your relationship, bringing increased intimacy and closeness.

The best male and female masterbation videos are listed in my site below. There is a lot to select so I suggest to use the monthly option and download them all.

Erotic,Vulva, Penis Massage and Masterbation Videos

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