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Male and female Masterbation techniques

One can be very creative trying new masterbation techniques.

Most of us get into a routine when masterbating or making love for that matter. Routine becomes very boring after a while.

Routine sex also leads to many couples breaking up after a period of time. Love making should be fun, fulfilling and full of laughter and love.

One can try new male and female masterbation techniques in the privacy of your home.  Men can learn total control and overcome premature ejaculation when masterbating.

Men can even learn to orgasm without ejaculation and have orgasms that last for minutes.

Women can learn to have deeper G Spot orgasms and even ejaculation orgasms from self pleasuring.

I cover some simple tips to achieve this in advanced masterbation techniques.

I feel one needs to try new things in sex and push our blocks and boundaries too.

How about you masterbate for 30 minutes or longer and see what experiences you have.

So next time you are  a male or female masterbating, try some new things and see if your pleasure increases.



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And you learn these methods by masterbating! FUN!

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