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All About Masterbation Education

Gee, did you learn about masterbation in your education or at school? I feel we should be taught love making and masterbation skills in school.

Learning to masturbate to orgasm for a woman at an early age is often a lot easier than later in life when we have expectations that can create barriers to sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Many of us are told as a child that masterbation is bad. We are caught in the act and get punished. This sets up a lot of shame about our bodies and masterbation.

We hide our masterbation practice from our parents and freinds. We carry a lot of shame arround our pleasure.

Real masterbation education is needed when we are young and I feel this should start at school. Radical but needed.

Porn is not a good teacher of our sexuality as most women do not like the hard fucking style of porn with little connection or emotion.

One can use ones masterbation education as a means of self exploration of altered states.

Masterbation education tips

Take your time masterbating. If you do this you will find you will have more intense orgasms. Take 20 minutes or longer before you come.

Breath more during your pleasure. This build up the energy and it will move more in your body.

Make sounds as this also allows the energy to move more and you can start to have more a full body experince.

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