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Female Masterbation gives a way for any women lot of freedomto explore their body.  Women can experience sexual pleasure without relying on a lover and have sexual pleasure and orgasms when they desire. Masterbation is empowering for females, and they can learn more about their orgasmic potential.

Most woman have their first orgasms from masterbation.

Most of the tips I provide men also are useful for female masterbation.

Generally, I found talking to females about masterbaton that they take more time compared to men and they are more in their bodies when masterbating.

One great tip for females masterbating is to use some stimulus on the G Spot area. One trick to try is to insert an object that one can grip during PC contractions.

A vibrator on the clitoris area and some stimulation on the g spot area is a great way to have a deeper orgasm.

For great female vibrators see female sex toys

Above all, have fun!

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