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Advanced Male and female Masterbaton Technique

For learning some advanced male and female masterbation techniques, the key is to relax the body to move the energy out of the genital area to all areas of your body.

This increases the pleasure to a new level and allows full body orgasmic experiences. These types of orgasms can be 400% times more powerful than a normal ejaculation orgasm. They can also lead to orgasms without ejaculation that go on for minutes.

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The key to advanced masterbation is to totally relax as the erotic charge builds up in your body.

One way of doing this is to take a video of your self masterbating. One could ask your lover to do this so it is real sexy. How about Imagining yourself as a porn star!

Watch the video and really see where you tighten up your body. Then, next time you want an advanced masterbation technique, relax the area that you hold onto and tend to tighten.

One can also ask your lover for feedback to where you tend to tighten up in your body as you get close to orgasm.

The next main technique is the breath. Now try breathing a lot deeper into your belly. See your belly rise and fall when doing the advanced masterbation technique.

The main tip in the breath is to totally relax on the out breath and all effort on the in breath.

Really let go on the out breath, let go and surrender to whatever your body wants to do.

The next step is to make sounds of pleasure deep from your belly

Ahhh is a good sound.

Now make these sounds very loud and erotic. Fake it first if this is difficult.

By doing all of the above and really LETTING GO in this advanced masterbation technique you can experience a full body orgasms with no ejaculation.

At the end of the masterbation session clench for twenty seconds all the muscles of the body including the face. This is called a" Big Draw”. 

Clench are the muscles of the pelvic floor, but lift the legs and head too. The Big Draw focuses the energy and circulates it throughout the body. 

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If enough energy has been built up through the breath and erotic touch, can lead to whole body orgasms and to profound spiritual experiences.

Practice 2 times a week for a month or two.

The above practice can really take you to a new and deep sensual and erotic levels of pleasure  in advanced male and females masterbation techniques.

Above all, have fun!


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And you learn these methods by masterbating! Now that is nice homework!


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