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Masterbaton Techniques and Tips

When I was young at 12, I discovered masterbation and I loved it.

As I still love masterbating today, even though I am not a teenager, anymore, sigh!

Over the years I have really explored using  masterbation tips and techniques to increase my sexual pleasure and orgasmic intensity.

I even found I could have orgasms without ejaculating, and this allowed me to make love for hours with heaps of orgasms again and again.

I found the following is the best easy way to improve the power of my masturation experince.

Masterbation Tip for Stronger Orgasms

Every day contract the PC muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. Do the following when you are not urinating.

Start with 10 contractions a day and build up to 4 sets of 50 a day.

So that is 200 a day and this will only take a few minutes of your time.

One can hold the contraction or flutter it for some variety.

Note you can do this watching TV or anywhere really. In one week you will notice stronger orgasms with masturbation or sex.

Women will find this excellent for any health issues around the genitals and urinary tract too.

I have put together over 20 ways of masturbating in my free report on sexual massage.

Free Sexual Massage Report

The first time I made love, I pretty much just masterbated in my lover.  I was not connected emotionally and it was over too soon. I felt pretty bad.

I wanted to change things to really learn how to make love, so over the coming many years I did many sexuality courses and read many book on tantra.

I have really explored my sexuality and now as a man, I can have orgasms with no ejaculation. Sometimes, my orgasms can go on for minutes and I discovered this ability from masterbating.

If you become a real expert at self loving, you will more likely be an expert at lovemaking too.

Many men still make love just like they masterbated as a teen.

This leads to a lot of sexual problems later on, like coming too soon.

To overcome this go to my premature ejaculation report.

You will find here lots of tips I discovered, so please try something different from your usual routine and enjoy your next self loving session. You will discover some of the best female masturbation tips and male masterbation tips here.

One can get in a real rut and in a routine in self pleasuring and lovemaking  too, so try some of the tips above today.

The best male and female masterbation videos are listed in my site below. There is a lot to select so I suggest to use the monthly option and download them all.

Erotic, Vulva, Penis Massage and Masterbation Videos

See the side links for more great tips more specifically for men and women on masterbation.

I hope you really start to explore the erotic pleasure available from prolonged masterbation.


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female orgasm report

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